Perfect You Surgery provides a listing of the top Costa Rican Cosmetic and Dental Surgeons based on education, national and international accreditations and cosmetic specialty. Review our listing below to find the right surgeon for your next procedure.

Dr. Miguel Alfaro

Dr. Alfaro has been performing liposuction since 1976 as well as many of the procedures listed above. His facilities are JCI accredited facilities to provide his patients with the highest security and safety possible. Read More

Dr. Arnoldo Fournier

Dr. Fournier Solano is well known and respected leader in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He takes great pride in providing his patients with personal attention and because of this he does only one surgery a day to make sure that he provides that special attention to each of his patients. Read More

Dr. Giovanni Montoya

Dr. Montoya earned his degree in Medicine at the Universidad Autonoma de Centroamerica. Dr. Montoya then went on to work in Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital in Costa Rica and then practiced surgery and internal medicine at the Hospital San Juan De Dios before he pursued his specialty in plastic and reconstructive surgery in the University of Costa Rica. Read More

Dr. Rashi Rosenstock

Dr. Rashi Rosenstock was honored as the Summa Cum laude and academic crown when he received his medical doctorate from the Medical Sciences University of Central America with full honors. His general surgery residency was completed at the Calderon Guardia Hospital in Costa Rica. Read More

Dr. Oscar Suarez

Dr. Suarez received his undergraduate degree of general medicine from The University of Costa Rica. He then proceeded to study General Surgery where during this time he acquired the position of Chief of Residents and interns and then General Surgeon. Afterwards, he continued his studies as a plastic surgeon in Costa Rica. Read More

Dr. Alberto Arguello

Dr. Alberto J. Arguello went to Medical School at the University of Costa Rica where he did graduate with an honors scholarship. He obtained his specialty certification in General Surgery from the University of Costa Rica. Read More

Dr. Christian Rivera

Dr. Christian Rivera Paniagua runs the Integral Clinic of Plastic Surgery located in the Hospital La Catolica in Costa Rica. Dr. Rivera works with the newest technology in aesthetics and body surger. The staff at the clinic also provides physical therapy, respiratory therapy, nursing and nutrition services. Read More

Dr. Gabriel Peralta

While in Guadalajara, Mexico for a year and under the supervision of Dr. Jose Guerrero-Santos he completed and received his certification in 2001 as a Surgeon in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica. Read More

Dr. Mario Garita

Dr. Garita has a specialization in Implant Dentistry from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1992 -1994. He was the Director of the Center for Dental Implants of Costa Rica, President and Founder of the Congress of Implant Dentistry of Central America and Panama in 1995-1997. Read More

Dr. Luciano Retana

Dr. Retana has an Advanced Program in Implant Dentistry from the New York University in 2010-2012. Also, has a Master of Science in Highly Complex Rehabilitation with dental implants from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2005-2008. Read More